Poultry Battery Cage System (EasyStep56)

Poultry Battery Cage System (EasyStep56)

Sold by: Big Dutchman


designed for 56 layers.

20 % more eggs.

Compact and lightweight.

Easy installation with 3 tools.

Indestructible. Thanks to high quality.

Usable everywhere.

Without electrical supply,(total weight: 55 kilograms),

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EasyStep56 Poultry Battery Cage system is an innovation intended to support the developing egg production industry of Africa. The stable EasyStep56 management system for layers is supplied in two handy packages (total weight: 55 kilograms), which allows comfortable transport in a larger car or pickup truck. Switching locations is no problem thanks to the compact design.

Two persons can lift the assembled and empty system onto a suitable transport vehicle.

It has been developed in a way that makes assembling the system incredibly easy, because only the three tools included in the delivery volume (pliers, open-ended spanner and hexagon spanner) are required. No other tools are necessary for assembly.

All parts are pre-drilled and pre-cut upon supply.

For instructions on how to mount the EasyStep56 Poultry Battery Cage,  Click here

Durability and Efficiency

EasyStep56 Poultry Battery Cage from Big Dutchman uses only high-quality materials for its products. The metal parts have been galvanized in a special treatment process, making them extremely weather-resistant and the perfect choice for tropical climates. This unique premium quality stands for a four times longer service life compared to the standard galvanization of our competitors. A comparison with traditional barn egg production system shows 20 % more eggs that are much cleaner, five times lower mortality and no feed losses.

Feed and Water Supply

EasyStep56 Poultry Battery Cage system has been designed for 56 layers. Big Dutchman has put decades of experience into the development of the easy-to-access trough, thus making feed wastage a thing of the past. Two tanks with a capacity of five litres each guarantee that both tiers receive the correct amount of water. The nipple drinkers are installed at an easy-to-reach height that enables the birds to consume water in an ideal and healthy manner when they stretch their necks. The nipple pipe breather has two tasks; a ball indicates the fill level of the drinker lines, and the breather valve of the pipe lets air escape when necessary. Ideal water supply without interruptions is thus guaranteed.

Manure Removal and Soil Fertilization

Due to the well-arranged layout of the cages, the birds do not get dirty from manure dropping down. This contributes to improved hygiene and increases the health and well-being of the birds. Additionally, EasyStep56 can be used as fertilizing system because manure falls directly onto the ground. Since the system is easy to move when it is empty, this is a flexible and efficient option for fertilization.

Simple Assembly and Efficient Production

Just a few steps are necessary for efficient egg production, and they are easily taken with EasyStep56. Just three assembly tools are included in the delivery volume. They are sufficient to put together the system. Since no electricity is needed, EasyStep56 can be put into operation immediately.
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