PVC connector with valve
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PVC connector with valve

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Commonly used in landscaping, PVC connector with valves allow you to turn the flow of liquids on and off quickly, while creating a watertight seal. These particular valves work well for pools, laboratories, food and beverage industries, water treatment, life science applications and chemical applications. These valves have a ball inside that rotates on a 90-degree axis. A hole through the center of the ball allows water to flow freely when the valve is on the “on” position, while stopping flow completely when the valve is in the “off” position.

Features of Product

  • PVC connector valves are suitable for corrosive media like seawater, acids, bases, salt solutions, and organic solvents. However, PVC is not resistant to aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • PVC connector with valve has a relatively low softening and melting point. It has a temperature range of -15 to 60°C.
  • They provides a low-pressure rating than brass or stainless steel valves.
  •  The product is the most cost-effective alternative as compared to brass and stainless-steel ball valves.
PVC connector with valve

Original price was: ₦19,000.Current price is: ₦16,000.

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What are PVC Connectors with Valves?

PVC connectors with valves are fittings used in irrigation systems to connect and regulate water flow through PVC pipes. They come in a variety of configurations such as elbows, T-connectors, reducers, and couplings with built-in ball or gate valves.

The valves provide control over the water flow, allowing you to turn it on or off as needed for each section of the irrigation system. The PVC construction resists corrosion and has superior strength.

PVC connectors with valves are widely used plastic shut-off valves. The valve contains a rotary ball with a bore at the center. By rotating the ball a quarter-turn, the bore can be aligned inline or perpendicular to the piping to open or block the media’s flow. PVC valves are durable, cost-effective, and used for a wide variety of media, including water, air, corrosive chemicals, acids, and bases. They have lower temperature and pressure resistance and lower mechanical strength. They are available with different piping connections, such as solvent sockets (glue connection), different flange types, or pipe threads. Double union, or true union valves, have separate pipe connection ends fixed to the valve body by a threaded connection.

What PVC stands for

PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride and is the third most used synthetic polymer after PE and PP. It is produced by the reaction of 57% chlorine gas and 43% ethylene gas. Chlorine gas is derived by electrolysis of seawater, and the distillation of crude oil obtains ethylene gas. In comparison to other plastics, PVC production requires significantly less crude oil (PE and PP require around 97% ethylene gas). Chlorine and ethylene react and form ethane dichloride, which is then processed into a vinyl chloride monomer. Furthermore, this material is polymerized to form PVC. Finally, some additives are used to alter properties such as hardness and elasticity. Because of the relatively simple production process and large availability of raw materials, PVC is a cost-effective and relatively sustainable material compared to other plastics. PVC has a strong resistance against sunlight, chemicals, and oxidation from water.

Characteristics of the Product

  • Lightweight, durable, and long service life.
  • Recyclable and relatively low impact on the environment in comparison with other plastics.
  • No corrosion
  • Resistant to many chemicals, acids, and bases.
  • Often used for sanitary applications, such as drinking water. PVC is an important material used to store or transfer food products.
  • Most PVC ball valves up to DN50 have a maximum pressure rating of PN16 (16 bar at room temperature).

Types of PVC Connectors with Valves at Farmsquare.ng

At Farmsquare.ng, we offer a wide selection of PVC connectors with valves from top brands, including:

  • – Elbows (90° and 45°) with ball valves
  • – T-connectors with ball valves
  • – Reducing T-connectors with ball valves
  • – End caps with ball valves
  • – Straight couplings with ball valves
  • – Garden hose connectors with ball valves

Advantages of using PVC connector with valve

What makes these so popular is their durability. The material is rust-proof and maintenance-free, so they can be used in outdoor applications where they are not needed very often, but when they are needed it is critical that they work properly. They also can be used in chemical mixing applications, where corrosion would be a serious problem. The high-pressure resistance of PVC also makes it popular for applications where liquid flows at high pressure. When the valve is open, there is a minimal drop in pressure because the port of the ball is almost identical in size to the port of the pipe.

They come in a wide range of diameters. We carry valves ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 6 inches, but larger options may be available if needed. We carry a true union, true union, and compact ball valves to meet a wide range of needs. True union valves are particularly popular because they allow for the removal of the carrier portion of the valve, without taking the entire valve out of the system, so repairs and maintenance are simple. All feature the durability of PVC to give you many years of use.

Installation Tips

  • – Use proper solvent cement to bond connectors to pipes
  • – Ensure valves are in open position when gluing
  • – Support connectors with pipe clamps for stability
  • – Position valves in accessible locations for operation
  • – Perform pressure testing before system use

Shop our Range of PVC Connectors with Valves

Farmsquare.ng makes it easy to get the right PVC connectors with valves for your irrigation system. Browse our wide selection and competitive prices at www.farmsquare.ng today! Reach out if you have any questions.

PVC connector with valve Applications

  • Domestic / Professional Irrigation
  • Water treatment
  • Water features and fountains
  • Aquariums
  • Landfills
  • Swimming pools
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing

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