Why Onion Producers May Stop Supply To Southern Nigeria
Why Onion Producers May Stop Supply To Southern Nigeria

Why Onion Producers May Stop Supply To Southern Nigeria.

It is no news that OPMAN, the Onion Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria has said it will discontinue supplying onions to Southern Nigeria starting from Monday June 7, 2021.

The organization listed events that took place in the local government areas of Abia, Aba, Mbaise of Imo and Shasha in Oyo state, claiming it had lost 3 members, 30 trailers, 9 utility vehicles, 50 shops and 10,000 bags of onions and other valuable items.

The members of OPMAN said if the government does not meet the association’s requirements, they will consider closing the supply of onions across the southern states of Nigeria from Monday, June 7, 2021.

Aliyu Isa, the national president of OPMAN said in the recent EndSARS protests, others were compensated excluding OPMAN members. He said in Shaha, they lost 27 lives, 5 trailers, 5,600 bags of onions, 12 utility vehicles and other valuables.

He said two trucks were lost in Imo state in February, worth about 13 million Naira. These are the issues that led them to act earlier, in February, through their parent union, to suspend food supplies to the southern states. Isa said that in recent months, suspected mobs in the southern states had destroyed onions and property worth about 4.5 billion Naira.

After a thorough analysis by the association’s membership management and the government’s lack of response to their appeals, that’s why they’re making these decisions. Isa asked the federal and state governments to help them maintain their businesses. The association is calling on the state government and the federal government to restore law and order in the southern states.

The members ask the good people of southern Nigeria to live in peace with the Hausas because they’re there for business. They also asked the state government to cooperate with the federal government to establish a committee to investigate incidents that led to the loss of life and property of its members.

Onion Cultivation

Some people however advised the Southern Nigerians to start cultivating their own onions to cushion the effects of the supply from the Northern Nigeria. Once you can set up an irrigation system, get quality onion seeds at affordable price and create the right environment, your harvest will be bountiful. Still thinking of why onion producers may stop supply to Southern Nigeria, we handpicked these onion seeds for you Prema Red Onion and Red Creole.

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