How Can Farmers Reach Their Consumers?
Women farmers at farm square nigeria

Farmers are always involved in farm work thus, they don’t want to go and deliver farm products to consumers. They do not want to involve in logistics to reach larger consumers as he/she cannot make a cost-efficient supply chain system. The third party systems made their sourcing, logistics and wholesale chain efficiently by maximising their profit in the supply chain with experience.

Farmers do not want to involve in finding consumers for his/her produce ( sales / traditional marketing / social media marketing). Farmer supply is seasonal based and limited variety while consumers needs are a lot more different item. He/she does not want to waste his time for procuring different items from different sources.

Consumers don’t want to go long distances no matter how quality the product is, they want everything in their neighbourhood or delivered to their home.
At Farm Square, We are connecting organic farmers and agro-dealers to local and international consumers to reduce logistics overhead.

In case farmers and agro-dealers cannot reach consumers and vice versa, farmsquareNg sources farm products, agriculture equipment from their nearest natural farmers and sells them online/offline to surrounding customers.

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