NOVOgen Brown Day Old Pullet Chicks (AGRITED BRAND)

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The Novogen Brown is renowned for laying peaks, good eggshell stability, great persistence in laying performance, and excellent health.

As a consistent layer of lovely brown eggs, the hen is very suitable for varieties of management systems i.e. battery cages, free-range or deep litter.

Agrited Novogen Brown Pullets are in high demand. Just like our DOC broilers, Agrited Pullets are considered to be top-notch quality in the Nigerian Market. Due to high demand, we give you the option of booking your Px DOC in advance.

Quanitity: 50 day-old chicks/Carton).

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The Novogen Brown is a brown pullet bird with white under feathering, producing brown eggs. It produces a high eggs mass with high quality. Easy to manage, calm, the Novogen Brown is the bird you are looking for.

With the Novogen Brown, its excellent egg quality and its potential of production, you will optimize your profit

Growing period (0 to 18 weeks)
  Bodyweight at 18 weeks old 1500 -1580 g
  Liveability 97 – 98%
Production period (18 to 90 weeks)
  Liveability 93 – 95%
  50% of production at 20 – 21 weeks
  Peak of production 93 – 95%
Per hen housed
  Egg Number 404 – 408
  Egg Mass 25.6 – 26.0 kg
  Average egg weight 63.0 – 64.0 kg
  FCR (119 days) 2.15 – 2.20 kg/kg
  Feed consumption 113 – 117 g
  FCR per egg 134 – 138 g
  Shell strength Excellent
  Shell Colour Excellent
  Haugh Unit Excellent

 For production and management technique, Click to view Novogen Manual

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  • 5 out of 5

    The pullets are truly Agrited breed. It is doing well as expected. Looking to do more business with you people.

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