Plastic Flip-Top Feeders (For Brooders)

Plastic Flip-Top Feeders (For Brooders)


The flip-top poultry feeder is the modern means of feeding chicks. It is uniquely designed to totally reduce feed wastage, as a result of the birds entering the feeders and scattering the feeders due to their small body size. It has 28 feeding holes and recommended for 20 – 25 birds to feed from it at a go. It is suitable for all kinds of poultry birds like Poults Chicks, Duckling e.t.c.

There are 80 pieces in a carton

Product Features:

  • Poultry feeder
  • Snap in hinge ensures long lasting use
  • Easy to clean.
  • 50cm in length
  • 28 holes
  • Suitable for 20 – 25 chicks to feed at once
  • Can also be used as drinkers
  • Red in color, which attracts chicks.
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 3 x 4.5 inches
    Item Weight: 90 grams.
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The Flip-Top Feeder is a very vital and important item in the poultry for the brooder i.e Pullets, Day-old chicks, Ducklings, Poults and other young poultry birds).

It is design for the unique purpose of helping to prevent baby chicks from resting in and soiling the feed. Also, its well structured design enables easy access to the feed for a higher number of chicks per feeding interval.

The plastic Flip-top feeders has an attractive red color, which is used for providing robust, comprehensive and hygienically controlled access of brooding chicks to clean feeds.

Our Flip Flop Feeders has up to 28 feeding opening holes and a flat bottom for easy balance of the feeder. This helps the chicks to enjoy a firm variety of feeding options for chicks.

This product is recommended for brooding chicks from the first week 1 1.e  at 7 days old. The feeder can also be adapted for use with or without the top cover.

Advantages of the Flip-top Feeder:

  • Allows for easy filling with feed and routine cleaning.
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Snap-in hinge for long life
  • 28 Feeding holes (14 per side)
  • High-density polypropylene plastic
  • Bright red color attracts chicks.

Per Carton (80 unit pieces), Per Unit (a single piece)

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