Roundup Turbo Non-Selective Herbicide

Roundup Turbo Non-Selective Herbicide


Roundup Turbo herbicide is a special soluble formulation of glyphosate herbicide (450 g / l glyphosate) containing 25 percent more active ingredient than the regular formulation of Roundup 360.

It is a non-selective, non-residual weedkiller. This offers producers advantages in the form of reduced storage and packaging waste. It also regulates annual and perennial grasses, sedges, and most weeds with large leaves.

It has wide potential use in agriculture for complete weed control including horticulture, forestry, viticulture, aquatic and non-crop areas.

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Roundup Turbo Non-Selective Herbicide
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Roundup Turbo

Roundup Turbo is a non-volatile, water-soluble liquid commodity with non-selective herbicide action against early weeds (yearly and perennial broad-leaf weeds and grasses). Its formulation features a sophisticated and effective surfactant device that is tissue-safe, designed for dissolution in water and waxy materials, accelerates the absorption of a greater quantity of the active ingredient by weeds with better penetration into weed cuticles to roots.

It is an effective crop protection product with excellent weed control, durability, and environmentally friendly attributes. It is applicable in pre-plant spraying systems with low volume, low pressure (emergence of first weed prior to planting).

Roundup Turbo has unrivaled effectiveness, including in the toughest weeds and at weather conditions where inferior formulations struggle.

Its low spray volume (70-100 per ha) results in increased hectares sprayed with increased active ingredient concentration, time-saving, and more efficient labor and equipment utilization.

Active Ingredient:

It contains 450 g glyphosate acid / L (450g / L Glyphosate – Isopropylamine salt) in concentrate dependent on water. Reduced dosage is needed due to higher concentration and thus less chance of resistance to weeds.


  • Faster detection and manifestations.Absolute long-term weed control rate.
  • More continuity in a broader variety of environmental conditions.
  • The solid formula of 25 percent more glyphosate per liter.
  • Less packaging, storage, and waste than for other types of herbicides.
  • Symptoms grow faster allowing a reduction of the cultivation intervals.
  • Roundup Turbo is compatible with a broad variety of other products.


  • The application is based on a low volume-low pressure theory that results in a reduced risk of non-target crop injury when the herbicide comes in contact.
  • Early weeds are permitted to emerge after tilling, then Roundup Turbo is sprayed at the prescribed dosage rate after the first weed emerges. Crops could be planted 24 hours after spraying (the weeds will have taken up the active ingredient).
  • Knapsack spraying: 1000sq m per 20L.
  • Ground spraying equipment: 70-150L spray solution per ha at low pressure.


  • Spray over targeted weeds.
  • Not sprayable under windy conditions (above 15km / hr).
  • Do not allow spray drift off to suitable vegetation.
  • Using rather alkaline buffered water (ammonium sulfate) for dissolution.
  • Spray growing weeds before planting (increases absorption at a lower rate).

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