Rain Gun For Sprinkler Irrigation System with Tripod Stand (30m/40m/50m)

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Rain gun sprinklers are one of the commonest irrigation equipment used for the cultivation of crops. This sprinkler can be used for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops.

Rain guns are very effective for the application of water to crops. It can boost the yield of your crops.

Rain guns need a pressurized supply of water before they can work effectively. You need a good source of water preferably a well, river or dam and a water pump to make your rain guns work well.

Product features:
  • Operating pressure: 2.0 to 7.5 kg/cm2.
  • Flows: 3 – 30lps.
  • Nozzle diameter: 10 – 30 mm.
  • Wetting radius: 25 – 50 meters.
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Rain Gun Size: Large-sized Rain gun
This big rain gun can irrigate a large acreage of farmland at once. It has a distance radius capacity of 50m and uses pipes and hoses of size 3 inches. It should be connected to a high capacity water pump and a source with a lot of water to utilize its maximum reach. It comes with the stand.
Rain Gun Size: Small-sized Rain gun
This is very useful in small scale acreage of the farm. It has a capacity of a distance radius of 30m and uses pipes and hoses of size 2 inches. It comes with the stand.
Rain Gun Size: Medium-sized Rain gun
This rain gun comes with the tripod stand. It can work for the irrigation of an average acreage of farmland. It has a capacity radius distance of 40m and uses pipes and hoses of size 2.0 inches. It should be connected to a source of water.
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Sprinkler Irrigation

Pressurized water gush through the gun, which is used to irrigate the crops. It has an advantage of sprinkling water along with economy.

The rain gun may be installed permanently or movable. For it to be permanent the gun riser stands are permanently fitted on the pipeline network. It can also be supported by cement concrete block around the riser.

If the rain gun is to be allowed to be movable, the entire pipeline network along with the gun riser stand may be shifted from one location to another.

Sprinkler rain gun have a spring loaded element, which is forced to rotate by the flowing water jet. It is recommended for field crops such as sugarcane, maize, cereals, tea, coffee, vegetables etc.

A Rain gun is a high-performance sprinkler irriagation system equipment, which is designed for irrigation on a variety of crops and application on the farm. Its relatively high flows can be adjusted to  where extended radius of the water throw are desired.

Rain Gun Characteristics:

  • It is used for irrigating large field/farm land areas at once.
  • It provides uniform irrigation.
  • It requires minimum components to operate the system.
  • It has Interchangeable nozzles, and this is very suitable for all types of soil and crop stages.

Application for specific crops:

  1. For Irrigation of field crops (Sugarcane, Wheat, Bajra (Sorghum), Soybean, Maize, Pulses etc.):
    In well-grown sugarcane, it is very hard for the farmers to spray in the inner field. They have fertilizer tank and a venture assembly. Thus, fertilizers and pesticides can be sprayed easily with hardly any labor.
  2. Tea, Rubber & Coffee Plantation:
    The rain gun is very admired by these set of farmers, because of the ability to install easily on the farm, corrosion resistance, high performance, and numerous other features. All these are very useful for tea, rubber and coffee Plantations.
  3. Fodder Crops & Green Pastures:
    Another very important use of rain gun is in Fodder and Green Pasture irrigation. It can cover an area of around one acre by sprinkling from just one position in just 2-3 hours. With the portable installation, it can cover the entire farm by moving the system.

Components of a Rain Gun:

  • Main Line Pipes:
  • HDPE
  • Aluminum

Sub‐main Line Pipes:

  • Rain Gun
  • Impact Type
  • Pelican Gear Drive Type


  • Tripod Stand for Rain Gun
  • Tri-Pod Stand

Fittings & Accessories (Camlock Fittings):

  • Female Coupling
  • Male Barbed Coupling
  • Male Coupling
  • End Plug

Safety Precautions taken during installation & dismantling of Rain Gun:
1. While installing, it should be ensured that Rain Gun sprinkler is properly tightened and screwed on the tripod.
2. The arc adjustment can be made if required, with the help of adjustment rings at the bottom.
3. The nozzle size should be according to designed rating while replacing the nozzle using the right tool.
4. While sprinkler is in rotation, particularly in case of impact Rain Gun, stay 1 metre away to avoid any harm from its fast reverse rotation.
5. In case it is shifted on quick coupling, handle it with care and avoid slipping of the same from hands, otherwise, few plastic components may get damaged.
6. To adjust the droplet size bigger/smaller depending on the need for the farmland location or crop stage, use the diffuser screw for the same.
7. Avoid its more use, in case of high wind velocity.

Requirements needed to use the rain gun sprinkler irrigation effectively:

  • Rain Gun
  • Sprinkler stands
  • Source of water like dam, river, well or river etc
  • Water pump.

Crops you can use our rain guns for

  • Cash crops
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit crops
  • Broad acre crops (maize, soybeans and millet etc)

Rain guns need pressurized supply of water before they can work effectively. You need a good source of water preferably a well, river or dam and a water pump to make your rain guns work well.

Rain Gun Size

Large-sized Rain gun, Medium-sized Rain gun, Small-sized Rain gun

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