Tecamin Brix Biostimulant | 1 Liter | For Improved Fruit Quality
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Tecamin Brix Biostimulant | 1 Liter | For Improved Fruit Quality

Original price was: ₦16,000.Current price is: ₦14,000.

Tecamin Brix Biostimulant is a natural product designed to enhance the quality and yield of fruits and vegetables by stimulating the plant’s physiological processes. It contains key nutrients like potassium, boron, sugars, and precursor molecules of ripening factors. Benefits include improved fruit quality, increased yield, and increased stress tolerance.

Package: Size: 1L
Category: Fertilizers


  • Improves fruit size.
  • Increases sugar/oil content.
  • Advances fruit ripening.
  • Increases colouration and its uniformity.
  • Reduces harvesting costs.
Tecamin Brix Biostimulant

Original price was: ₦16,000.Current price is: ₦14,000.

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The Tecamin Brix Biostimulant is specifically designed to improve the quality and yield of fruits and vegetables. It’s not a traditional fertiliser but rather a natural product that works by stimulating the plant’s own physiological processes.



Potassium and Boron: These are key nutrients readily absorbed by plants and play a vital role in fruit development. Potassium improves fruit size and firmness, while boron is essential for cell wall formation and sugar transport within the plant.

Saccharides: These are simple sugars that provide readily available energy for various plant processes, including fruit growth and ripening.


Precursor Molecules of Ripening Factors: These are organic compounds that signal and accelerate the fruit ripening process, leading to improved colour, flavour, and aroma.


Benefits of Tecamin Brix Biostimulant

Enhanced Fruit Quality: Tecamin Brix promotes better fruit colour, increased sugar content (Brix degrees), improved firmness, and overall glossiness. This translates to fruits that are more visually appealing and have a higher market value.

Increased Yield: By stimulating fruit development and ripening, Tecamin Brix can potentially lead to a higher overall fruit yield.

Stress Tolerance: Because Tecamin Brix improves the plant’s physiological state, it can increase its tolerance to stress factors such as drought or temperature fluctuations.


Application of Tecamin Brix:

Tecamin Brix is typically applied as a foliar spray directly onto the leaves and developing fruits. The specific application rate and frequency will vary depending on the crop type, growth stage, and desired outcome. It’s generally recommended to consult the product label or a qualified agricultural advisor for tailored application guidelines.


Compatibility with most plant protection products:

It is renowned for its compatibility with most plant protection products commonly used in fruit and vegetable production. However, it’s always recommended to conduct a small-scale mixing test before applying a tank mix with other products to ensure no phytotoxicity (plant damage) occurs.


Things to consider:

Organic Farming: It may be suitable for certain organic farming practices, depending on the specific certification standards. It’s critical to check with your certification body to see if using Tecamin Brix is permitted in your organic farming programme.


Not a Substitute for Balanced Fertilisation: Tecamin Brix is not a replacement for a balanced fertilisation program. It should be used in conjunction with a proper nutrient management plan to ensure your plants receive all the essential macro and micronutrients they need for optimal growth.


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