Tihan Insecticide (Spirotetramat 75 g / L + Flubendiamide 100 g / L)

Tihan Insecticide (Spirotetramat 75 g / L + Flubendiamide 100 g / L)

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Tihan Insecticide from Bayer is a highly effective systemic insecticide that controls pests on vegetables and cotton. They have two active ingredients of Spirotetramate and Flubendiamide. This active ingredient possesses growth regulator properties which makes it hard for insects to grow or destroy crops.

Product Features:

  • Active Ingredient: Spirotetramat 75 g / L + Flubendiamide 100 g / L
  • Oil Dispersion Formulation (OD)
  • Rate Of Application: 20ml per Knapsack and 200ml per hectare
  • Packaging  Size: 1ooml per bottle and 20 bottles per carton.
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Tihan Insecticide (Bayer Brand)
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Tihan insecticide from the Bayer brand is a highly effective systemic and contact insecticide that controls pests on vegetables and cotton. It is an oil dispersion formulation containing modern chemical active ingredients; Spirotetramat and Flubendiamide.  These active ingredients are from the chemical family of Ketoenole which is an Insect Growth Regulator. This Insect Growth Regulator property of Tihan makes it hard for insects to grow or destroy crops.  The oil dispersion formulation sticks well and stays for a longer period on the surface of leaves and other parts of a plant. This property ensures that the insects and parasites cannot escape the insecticide,  thus leading to their death.

Tihan insecticide is one of the most effective insecticides sold by Bayer in Nigeria. Tihan insecticide is a type of systemic insecticide that fights parasites on vegetables, cotton and other types of crops.

Tihan is also an Insect Growth Regulator that makes it hard for insects to grow or destroy crops. Tihan as an insect growth regulator and insecticide can easily kill a lot of insects affecting crops in Nigeria.

Mode Of Action of Tihan Insecticide Bayer Brand

Tihan insecticide acts by contact and ingestion. The Flubendiamide content of Tihan leads to the opening of the calcium canal called ryanodine receptors upon contact with insects. This leads to rapid paralysis and the eventual death of insect larvae. Spirotetramat prevents lipid biosynthesis after ingestion by immature insects, thus leading to the eventual death of the insect.

Target Pest/Crop

Tihan is used in the control of Tomato hornworms, Leaf miners, Bugs, Caterpillars, plant lice, Whiteflies, mites, and moths in Cotton, Cowpea and vegetables such as Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato etc.

Reccomenation and Usage

For vegetables; Treatment should commence upon sighting the infestation of insects. This should be followed by 2-3 treatments within 14 days.

For cotton plants; The first application of Tihan should be done 35-45 days after sprouting. 2-3 treatments can be done at this stage.

Apply Tihan at the rate of 200mls per spray per hectare and 20ml per knapsack.

For Tuta Absoluta in Tomato: 500ml of Tihan insecticide per spray per hectare. 50ml of Tihan insecticide per 15 litres knapsack sprayer.

Other insecticides to consider; Belt Expert, LaraForce, Ampligo Insecticide.

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