Courage Systemic Agricultural Insecticide (UPL Brand) -50ml
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Courage Systemic Agricultural Insecticide (UPL Brand) -50ml

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Courage 700 WS systemic insecticide is a systemic insecticidal seed dressing for the control of pests in Maize, Natural Grazing, Sorghum, Sunflowers and Wheat.

Product features

  • Description: Water-soluble systemic insecticide
  • Active ingredient: Imidacloprid (chloro-nicotinyl) 700g/kg
  • Form: Liquid
  • Packaging size: 50ml
Courage Systemic Insecticide

Original price was: ₦2,000.Current price is: ₦1,600.

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Courage systemic insecticide is a systemic insecticidal seed dressing for the control of pests in Maize, Natural Grazing, Sorghum, Sunflowers and Wheat. Courage 700 WS systemic insecticides get into the organisms mainly through feeding on the treated plants or contaminated soil.

Active ingredient: Imidacloprid (chloro-nicotinyl) 700g/kg

Mode of Action:

Systemic insecticides are applied directly to the crop soil and seedlings in glasshouses using flowable solutions or granules, and often as seed-dressings, with foliar applications and drenching being less common. Being quite water-soluble, these insecticides are readily taken up by the plant roots or incorporated into the tissues of the growing plants as they develop, so the pests that come to eat them ingest a lethal dose and die. Systemic insecticides contaminate all plant tissues, from the roots to leaves and flowers, where active residues can be found up to 45-90 days, lasting as long as in soil.

Dosage: 100g/2l water to 250g/2l water to 100 kg seeds

  1. Mix the required amount of COURAGE 700 WS wit a small volume of water to form a smooth cream before adding the balance of the water. Mix thoroughly before adding to the seed.
  2. Treat large quantities of seed conveniently in automatic seed dressing machines.
  3. COURAGE 700 WS is to be used as a slurry seed dressing.
  4. After adding the required quantity of COURAGE 700 WS mixed with the required volume of water, close the lid and rotate the drum slowly for 3-5 minutes to ensure that each seed is covered with the seed dressing.
  • Sufficient soil moisture is necessary for the uptake of the active ingredient during germination.
  • Use COURAGE 700 WS only for the treatment of high quality certified seed.
  • Do not use COURAGE 700 WS on sweetcorn.
  • Do not treat seed of inbred parent plants of hybrids, experimental hybrids or cultivars or newly released hybrids or cultivars with COURAGE 700 WS, without first referring to the manufacturer or seed suppliers.
  • Calibrate planter prior to planting with treated seed.
  • Check calibration at regular intervals.
  • Treat only seed that is to be used for planting purposes.
  • Never use treated seed for consumption or animal feed.
  • Handle with care.
  • Courage 700 WS is poisonous when absorbed through the skin or swallowed or inhaled.
  • Toxic to fish and wildlife.
  • Plant treated seed properly and totally cover it with soil.
  • Store in a cool place away from food and feedstuffs.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.

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