Battery Cages for Poultry (96 birds capacity, with water tank)
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Battery Cages for Poultry (96 birds capacity, with water tank)

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Poultry Cage Features:

  • A type, 3 tier (3 cages on each side of the cage)
  • Cage size: L by W by H: (2m by 2m by 1.60m).
  • One set is between two frames, picture is two sets of cage, mutual frames make to cage line.
  • Water tank is one line three piece with adequate water accessories.
  • Premium Feeding system to avoid feed wastage.
  • Durable Frames for the cages.
  • Good quality Connecting fittings.

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Batter cages for poultry used by egg-laying hens are the predominant a form of housing for layer birds worldwide. They reduce aggression and cannibalism among hens, but are barren, restrict movement and prevent many natural behavior.

Features :

Our Imported Poultry cage conveniently houses 96 layer birds at a more affordable rate. It guarantees you the utmost production from your layer birds. It also comes with feeders and water tanks.

The contemporary method of housing layer chickens is the cage system. This system has proven that layer birds perform better as regards health and egg production. The Poultry cage system is a great method for both small scale and large scale poultry farmers.

Advantages of battery cages for poultry especially laying hens over alternative husbandry systems are:

  • Increased hygiene resulting in a much lower incidence of diseases in which the infectious agent is spread through the droppings.
  • Small group size resulting in a low incidence of social friction.
  • Ease of management.
  • Absence of litter problems.
  • Better working conditions.
  • A much lower cost of production.
  • Reduction of feed and water wastage (complete automatic drinking system and feeding troughs)
  • Cannibalism, pecking, egg eating which is common with deep litter layers can lead to the loss of revenue but this does not occur in caged birds.
  • The outbreak of disease is curbed in caged birds unlike the way diseases are spread faster in the deep litter system.
  • It is a good space manager as birds are not taking a lot of space and they are more organised. A farmer can rear poultry in large volumes on a farm site with limited space.
  • Monitoring the laying percentage of the flock is made easier.

Features of our Imported Poultry Cage comes with;

  • Full automatic Drinking system with Water tanks.
  • Premium Feeding system to avoid feed wastage
  • Durable Frames for the cages
  • Good quality Connecting fittings

We also provide free Installation of the cages on your farm (depending on your location).

This poultry cage is suitable for all kinds of egg-laying chickens including layers, breeders, point-of-cage and point-of-lay birds. Well designed for a seamless serving of feed, easy & clean egg collection, easy management of the entire cage.

To read more about the advantages of battery cages for poultry over deep litter system click here

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