Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer (Yara Calcinit Brand)

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer (Yara Calcinit Brand)


The Yaraliva calcinit calcium nitrate fertilizer is fully water-soluble nitrogen and calcium fertilizer. It is a free-flowing, fine granular or prilled material which dissolves quickly in water without any residues. Yara Liva Calcinit is free of chlorine and sodium.

Product Features:

  • YaraLiva calcinit is suited to application through all fertigation systems.
  • The product is not an oxidizer
  • Package: 25kg
  • Composition: Calcium and Nitrogen


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Calcium Nitrate Agricultural Fertilizer – 25kg (YaraLiva Calcinit Brand) is a fully water-soluble fertilizer, which contains fully soluble calcium in combination with fast-acting nitrate nitrogen to give a top-quality, highly marketable produce. Yara Liva CALCINIT is derived from Ammonium Calcium Nitrate Double Salt and can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers except stock solutions containing either phosphate or sulphate.
Yara Liva Calcinit Fertilizer is a water-soluble formulation that provides fast-acting nitrogen along with calcium to increase fruit quality and prevent blossom end rot. Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer provides a fast-acting nitrogen source plus calcium for improved fruit and vegetable quality

Yara Liva Calcinit fertilizer helps with the strengthening of cell structure and protection against stresses, fruits and vegetables with a healthy supply of calcium nitrate are visibly healthier, more vibrant in colour and are blemish-free inside and out. When YaraLiva fertilizer is used, fruit and vegetables also keep their weight and quality for a longer time period.

This product will give plants and trees the necessary strength needed to protect against diseases and environmental stresses such as heat, drought, salinity and excessive sodium.


  • Nitrogen: 15.5%
  • Nitrate (NO3): 14.5%
  • Calcium: 26.3%
  • Chlorine: The product is chloride free

Importance of Calcium Nitrate Agricultural Fertilizer – 25kg

  • It’s non-volatile nor adsorbed to soil particles.
  • Yara Liva Calcinit fertilizer helps to strengthen the cell wall, leading to better quality, shelf life and lifting marketable crop yields.
  • This product helps to improve the plant uptake of the cations potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Yara Liva Calcinit fertilizer helps plants tolerate disease and insect infection.
  • YaraTera Calcinit is completely free of chlorine and sodium and is virtually free of heavy metals.Other Yara Live Fertilizers: Yara Liva Calcuim Nitrate, YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer
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