Green Agricultural Shade nets 2*40m

Green Agricultural Shade nets 2*40m



  • Material : Plastic mesh
  • Size: 2M x 40M
  • Colour: Black
  • Shade intensity: 50% shade
  •  Packaging Type : Roll


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Green Agricultural Shade nets 2*40m


Shade Nets are lightweight knitted Polyethylene fabrics that are brought in use to bring about the protection from the Sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiations which we or the plants might be exposed to unknowingly.
The Shade Net comes in a rather diverse range under the domain of fabric density. That is to say, the Polyethylene fabric density of the Shade Net can be anything between 50℅-90%.

A 50% dense Shade Net would allow only 50% of the light incident on its surface while a 90℅ would allow light no more than 10% to penetrate down it. To read the density of a Net Shade fabric, just subtract its percentage density rating from 100%. The remaining percentage is that of the light that is allowed to fall in through the shade.

Uses of green agricultural shade nets

  • A shade net is primarily used for the reduction of the intensity of sunlight, that is, a shade net is used for the shading of an area of land or farmland. In hot and tropical areas like Nigeria, farmers often shade some of their crops with shade nets. Without shade nets, some crops may not fruit well.
  • They can be used in construction sites by wrapping the nets around the buildings undergoing construction.
  • To prevent the roof of your car from being boiled away in exposure to direct sunlight, Shade Nets of 90-95% dense Polyethylene fabric can be brought in use.
  • It is used as cover in a poultry farm setup.


  • Helps in the cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal plants, vegetables, and spices.
  • Used for fruit and vegetable nurseries as well as for raising of forest species etc.
  • Helps in quality drying of various agro products.
  • Used to protect against pest attacks.
  • It reduces the amount of soil moisture lost which eventually results in less evaporation.
  • It helps to prevent soil erosion.
  • It helps to prevent weather disturbances such as Heavy wind.



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