Rubber Plucker Fingers For Defeathering Machine (Poultry Birds)

Rubber Plucker Fingers For Defeathering Machine (Poultry Birds)


The Rubber Plucker Fingers is a component in a defeathering machine, used to defeather poultry birds.It is of the finest quality with an ultra-soft plucking fingers. It is ideal for all kinds of poultry birds.

Product Features:
  • Fits a 3/4 ” inch diameter hole
  • Medium-durometer-hardness rubber.
  • For poultry birds.
  • Wear-resisting.
  • Rubber material.
  • Easily removes feathers of of more than 2 birds at a time.
NB: Available in packs of 20, 50, 100. Place order below for your preferred quantity.
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Our rubber plucker fingers for defeathering machines  is used in the defeathering machines. It is designed to be strong and of durable rubber material, that allows the rubber very resilient with the ability to withstand processing hours of the chicken feathers for a long time. It also helps to lessen stress and labor in manually removing chicken feathers by using the feathering machine to automatically remove more than 2 chicken feathers in minutes at the same time. It is very ideal for use on feather plucking machines.

This also automatically has a positive effect on the cost and environment because less is used to achieve a higher result.

Product Characteristics of the Rubber Plucker Fingers:

The rubber rod material of our plucker fingers used in Defeathering Machines has the following:

  • High quality material with ultra-soft plucking fingers..
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Good elasticity.
  • Cannot easily be broken.
  • Very Resilient.
  • Ability to withstand long processing hours of feathers.
  • Products are environmentally friendly and safe.
  • It possess excellent material selection and precise workmanship.
  • It has no chemical substances from removal of feathers of the poultry birds.
  • It does not destroy the skin of the poultry birds, making it harmless to the chicken.
  • Standard size chicken plucker replacement fingers
  • Medium-durometer-hardness rubber.
  • Fits into the holes of the de-feathering machine
  • Recommended for all kinds of poultry birds.

These rubber fingers plucker are ideal to purchase if you are dealing with a lot of poultry birds at the same time. Especially when your defeathering machine is used regularly.

Operation Mechanism:

  • The defeathering plucking machine in which the rubber plucker is being used, comprises of a stainless steel barrel lined with these rubber plucking fingers.
  • The poultry birds would have previously been killed and dipped in hot water.
  • When machine is powered on, the base of the barrel spins and the fingers begin to rotate and rub against the poultry birds. This removes the birds’ feathers quickly, gently and efficiently.


After excessive use of the plucking machines, always check often the rubber fingers, if its still tightened. This is because some of these rubber fingers can become worn and may limit the machine’s ability to pluck feathers as effectively.

  • Weight –2500 g
    Dimensions –15 × 3 × 1.5 cm
    Material –Rubber.
  • Item Condition -Brand New.
  • Suitable For -Automatic defeathering machine.
  • Specie -Poultry Birds(Broilers)
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Pack of 20, Pack of 50, Pack of 100

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